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I feel like I want to be
Around you…
When the sun goes down, yeah!
– Cassius

Perfect words for the night.

We showed up to catch the end of Martin Devaney’s set.  Former Heiruspecs member and all around good guy, we had a drink with him accross the street from the show before setting up.  Guess what?  He aggreed to do Wardrums with us tonight…

Mears Park - 9-13 001

Here’s a before and after deal;

This is 2 minutes before our set…

Mears Park - 9-13 006

and this is 2 minutes into our set…

Mears Park - 9-13 007

It was a super fun night.  I didn’t get a ton of photo’s this time around as I was too busy swatting mosquito’s from the stage.  Sorry if I looked like I was flipping out up there.  I was getting eaten alive.

Mears Park - 9-13 008

The sun was starting to set and things always turn magical as the sun goes down.

I wish I had more pics, I wish I had more pics, I wish I had more pics…

There were a TON of photographers there so hopefully some will surface in the general press.  Maybe our friend Asha will post hers.  If she does, I’ll put a link up right away.

Here’s a blurry one to show the sun went down eventually.  Point and shoot fail;

Mears Park - 9-13 012

And then there was Carnage!

Mears Park - 9-13 011

Afterwards, we hung around and signed autographs and took a ton of photo’s.  Thanks to everyone who came out!  It was fun and especially so because it was a St. Paul affair.

Here’s a pic that I took with my camera because someone’s camera phone may not have done the job.  Enjoy, and thanks for waiting!

Mears Park - 9-13 013



NO FIGHTS AT HEIRUSPECS SHOWS! You’re all on notice.

Other than an unfortunate incident, this was a rediculoid show and we all sweated it out together. Good times. To the girl who grabbed my ass a few times; thanks! I wasn’t sure it was still there.


9-12 PizzaLuceDuluth 0109-12 PizzaLuceDuluth 011

Everybody get low!

Everybody get low!

I’ll say it again, it was an oven in there last night.  So I appreciate all of the folks, especially at the front, for sticking with it the whole night!

We took the stage around midnight…

9-12 PizzaLuceDuluth 0199-12 PizzaLuceDuluth 0219-12 PizzaLuceDuluth 0229-12 PizzaLuceDuluth 0239-12 PizzaLuceDuluth 0249-12 PizzaLuceDuluth 0259-12 PizzaLuceDuluth 026


No words, just pics.

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 058MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 059MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 060

Damp everything, cold bones…


MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 061


MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 062

And as I am on stage, It’s hard to take photo’s.  I have asked that people send me some pics but have not gotten to sort through any just yet.  Here are my crowd shots.  Do you see yourself?  I know some of you fools!

Trying to catch a cold?

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 063MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 064

And the contingency of kids that couldn’t get in because they were too young to drink.  You guys are the most hardcore for sure.  Even after the cops annoyed ya’ll off of the fence.  Thanks for hanging out and watching from the sides and the back of the stage!

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 066MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 067

For the end, Martin Devaney came up to join us for Wardrums.

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 068

Look at that right foot!  He’s levitating!!!

Seriously, thanks to Salut for having us and Golden for booking us.  It was a blast for sure even though the weather was trying to fight us.  Every year, Grand Old Days is a good time and this time couldn’t be an exception.  Muchas Gracias!

So, running up the steps and through an open door, I was in 1st Avenue’s VIP room for the monthly hip hop/ dance party they call GET CRYPHY.  I begged like a little girl to host this installment because it sounded like fun.  Boy was it…

First a round of pics from WES WINSHIP – shot for City Pages.

Volume was pushed by Jimmy 2 Times, Fundo, So Gold, and yours truly.  It was a blast to do old school crowd hyping and listen to 3 amazing DJ’s mash up big rap songs into dance music and vice versa.  There were a lot of friends and a lot of good dancers in the building and as the Maria Isa show got finished, the place became fully packed.  The booze runneth freely and the asses shake with a ferver.

Here are my less awesome pics.  Exclusive to Heiruspecs dot com.

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 021

SPIED! Medium Zach!

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 022MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 028

Jimmy 2 Times and So Gold

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 031MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 035MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 036


MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 039

Get your hands off my mixer fool!

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 044MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 045

This was seriously one of the better times I have had partying in recent months.  I wanna do it again this Friday night for real.  I swear, I’ll ask to do it again and I’ll keep you posted on when/if it should go down.

Check out GET CRYPHY on the first Friday of every month at 1st Ave’s VIP Room.

Soundset and Knight Yellow Dirt Lion 003

Soundset and Knight Yellow Dirt Lion 004

Soundset and Knight Yellow Dirt Lion 005

The following pics are all courtesy of Brandon All Day-Big Quarters – Thanks FAM-O!


Again, thanks to all who came.  If you want to see my take on the car show, visit The pics are all on my camera phone but are still fun.  If you missed the show, shame on you.

Got me a new MN Nice shirt.


BQ release show and then... 001

Last night Big Quarters had me on stage to perform the Medium Zach “On My Way-Remix”.  Good lucking out!

BQ release show and then... 014

After taking this shot of Kill the Vultures, I realized it was far too dark for my little camera to make this work… hence – not so many photo’s.  Word.  

I rolled out to do another cameo at another show and ended up coming back for the last 20 minutes of Big Quarters set.  CONGRATS BRANDON ALL DAY AND MEDIUM ZACH!!!

So we get to Harmony Park for the Bella Music Festival.   The quiet before the storm…

Bellashots 005

Bellashots 008

The wonder that is – Dance Band —

Bellashots 015Bellashots 014

Chuck U was busy working next to the main stage before we went on…

Bellashots 018

Next thing you know, the masses gather and we do our thing…. 

Bellashots 023Bellashots 024Bellashots 025

Then as we were pulling off stage, this chica started her set next door…. 

Bellashots 027Bellashots 029

I slept the whole way home… 

Listen up!

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