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Thanks to all you guys that came out. A big thank you to the ClubFR people who came out including half of Grip Gamblers (  We always love coming down to Chicago because we have so many friends and family members there.

Usually I try to take a lot of photo’s at our shows and I am finding that I need a new camera…  here’s what I got.

This is Treologic – They have opened for us before but this was def. their strongest showing we’ve ever seen.  They keep getting better and better.

Next up was Rubblebucket Orchestra.   They’re an east coast based band that just has to be heard to be believed.   I am listening to their album as I type this.  Amazing!


Awwww….   we love you guys too!


So on Saturday, I heard a rumor that someone’s brand new Hyundai Genesis exploded on a race track at a Heiruspecs sponsored event. I have been working with ClubFR, a Chicago based drifting organization, to sponsor some racing this season in the Midwest in part of my involvement with TMF Opposition. Keith Schoeler was there and took a few photo’s to prove the rumors true. Holy shit. As this happened on a race track with waivers signed, I don’t think insurance will cover it. Only 800 miles on the odometer and it all goes up in flames.


I somehow doubt that that 100,000 mile warranty is going to cover any of this… Sorry man!

For more info on the photographer – see

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