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The Beatles Are In Big Trouble returns on Friday December 18th at the First Avenue Mainroom.

The Beatles Are In Big Trouble features Peter Leggett, dVRG, Twinkie Jiggles and Josh Peterson from Heiruspecs, plus former Heiruspec Steve McPherson and 4 guest vocalists performing your favorite Beatles songs. Doors open at 8pm, The Beatles are in Big Trouble happens at 9pm sharp. 18+. For more information visit:

So, running up the steps and through an open door, I was in 1st Avenue’s VIP room for the monthly hip hop/ dance party they call GET CRYPHY.  I begged like a little girl to host this installment because it sounded like fun.  Boy was it…

First a round of pics from WES WINSHIP – shot for City Pages.

Volume was pushed by Jimmy 2 Times, Fundo, So Gold, and yours truly.  It was a blast to do old school crowd hyping and listen to 3 amazing DJ’s mash up big rap songs into dance music and vice versa.  There were a lot of friends and a lot of good dancers in the building and as the Maria Isa show got finished, the place became fully packed.  The booze runneth freely and the asses shake with a ferver.

Here are my less awesome pics.  Exclusive to Heiruspecs dot com.

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 021

SPIED! Medium Zach!

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 022MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 028

Jimmy 2 Times and So Gold

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 031MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 035MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 036


MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 039

Get your hands off my mixer fool!

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 044MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 045

This was seriously one of the better times I have had partying in recent months.  I wanna do it again this Friday night for real.  I swear, I’ll ask to do it again and I’ll keep you posted on when/if it should go down.

Check out GET CRYPHY on the first Friday of every month at 1st Ave’s VIP Room.

So, before running over to Get Cryphy upstairs, I hung out in the main room and watched a bunch of Maria Isa’s CD Release party.  I walked in late and saw the last half of Dance Band’s set.  I was bummed that I missed my homegirl Mayda.  (frowns).  All and all, a damned good time though – My pics – Enjoy.

I Self Divine – blurry

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 002

Mr. Muja Messiah

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 006

Maria Takes the stage – who knew I went to Jr. High with her brother….

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 010MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 013MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 014

It was a good show but I had to dip out about halfway through her set to get my hosting duties upstairs going.  Get Cryphy was the official after party.

cryphy-june09 (1)

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