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Heiruspecs are no stranger to The Whole Music club. Heiruspecs has been back in the studio crafting what is shaping up to be the most personal, honest and though-out record of their career. The currently untitled full-length is slated for a September release.

Black Blondie are four friends bounded by a common love for creating music. Coming from diverse artistic backgrounds, they have created a musical experience that is uniquely their own. Soul, hip-hop, funk, jazz, they pull influences from everywhere.

Picked by the readers of the City Pages as one of the “Best New Bands” of 2007, MC/VL has had a great response after the releases of the “Jaws” EP and “Stance” LP

U of M student tickets now available, purchase them online now. General sales begin Friday, November 20.

Coffman Memorial Union, The Whole.

Dec 11: Doors 7:30pm, Show 8pm.

This is a video flyer.

Between Luther and Fargo, Twinkie, Muad’dib and I stopped by the 331 club and had some fancy drinks.  Bloody Mary’s for them, and a Mamosa for me.

Fargo ND 9-26 002

Then back on the road.  (Drink responsibly and know your limits)

Fargo ND 9-26 011Vintage style posters…

Fargo ND 9-26 007Vintage style cash box…

Fargo ND 9-26 015

We’ve been around this block before so we already knew it’d be fun.  Jade brought us up again and low and behold, it was a rap show.

Fargo ND 9-26 021These guys didn’t even bother to stick around for the whole show so I don’t mind talking a little shit here.  I can’t believe rappers are still singing along to their album tracks!  Please stop lip syncing!

Still, I’m grateful and appreciative of the energy and it sounds like your mixtape is probably going to bang.  Just get your show right.


Fargo ND 9-26 031

Fargo ND 9-26 022

and after Big Quarters…

Fargo ND 9-26 013

Fargo ND 9-26 035

Fargo ND 9-26 037^^^^I know, I know, I know….. blurry again^^^^

Fargo ND 9-26 036

Fargo ND 9-26 034

Fargo ND 9-26 032

Oh, and by the way, we have all this stuff at EVERY SHOW.  Sometimes more!  Right now the 10 years strong hoodies are just 20 dollars if you pick one up at a show.  (I’ll be working on the online ordering part of this stuff soon)

Fargo ND 9-26 020

Meeting new people is half the fun.  Friends of friends become just friends.

I didn’t forget your picture!

Fargo ND 9-26 045Oh snap!  Is that a new TMF Opposition shirt?

A big special thanks has to go to Rob, who was the soundman for the nights show.  He made Peter’s kick drum sound magical.  Rick Ruben would have applauded.  Rob is part of a band which can be found here –>


Fargo ND 9-26 046

Decorah Iowa.

No swearing until after the show.  Then LOTS of swearing… and other stuff too!

Luther and Stuff 9-25 018Luther and Stuff 9-25 020Luther and Stuff 9-25 022Luther and Stuff 9-25 023Luther and Stuff 9-25 030^^^For this show, we did a very similar set to our CD release party, so here’s one of the original set lists from that show.  Actually, this is the lighting sheet.  So you can see what colors we imagined having in lights for different parts of the set. ^^^^

Luther and Stuff 9-25 028Luther and Stuff 9-25 026Luther and Stuff 9-25 027Luther and Stuff 9-25 029Luther and Stuff 9-25 031Luther and Stuff 9-25 033^^^My typically blurry photo skills…^^^^

The show was fun as hell.  I’m glad so many people came out.  There were a few Central grads there and a TON of Twin Cities folk.

If you are a Luther College administrator, just pretend this is all happening at Grinnell; Luther and Stuff 9-25 041

Luther and Stuff 9-25 040

Luther and Stuff 9-25 047Luther and Stuff 9-25 055Luther and Stuff 9-25 059Luther and Stuff 9-25 054Luther and Stuff 9-25 045

Most of my after party pics are crap because it was so foggy but as you can see we met some new people and had a great time before fading away into the mist.  Thanks so much LUTHER!

Luther and Stuff 9-25 049

Listen up!

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