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So, running up the steps and through an open door, I was in 1st Avenue’s VIP room for the monthly hip hop/ dance party they call GET CRYPHY.  I begged like a little girl to host this installment because it sounded like fun.  Boy was it…

First a round of pics from WES WINSHIP – shot for City Pages.

Volume was pushed by Jimmy 2 Times, Fundo, So Gold, and yours truly.  It was a blast to do old school crowd hyping and listen to 3 amazing DJ’s mash up big rap songs into dance music and vice versa.  There were a lot of friends and a lot of good dancers in the building and as the Maria Isa show got finished, the place became fully packed.  The booze runneth freely and the asses shake with a ferver.

Here are my less awesome pics.  Exclusive to Heiruspecs dot com.

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 021

SPIED! Medium Zach!

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 022MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 028

Jimmy 2 Times and So Gold

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 031MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 035MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 036


MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 039

Get your hands off my mixer fool!

MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 044MariaCryphyGrandOldDays 045

This was seriously one of the better times I have had partying in recent months.  I wanna do it again this Friday night for real.  I swear, I’ll ask to do it again and I’ll keep you posted on when/if it should go down.

Check out GET CRYPHY on the first Friday of every month at 1st Ave’s VIP Room.

cryphy-june09 (1)

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