If you were curious, Heiruspecs has been around since 1997 and formed at St. Paul, MN’s Central High School. It was founded by Felix and Sean (Twinkie Jiggles) in the recording class “freestyle room” during one of the many sessions of improvisation that would happen when assignments were done. Over the years, the faces in Heiruspecs have changed as people have gone on to school/had life changes/mental meltdowns/real lives/etc. but the vibe has remained the same. We rep St. Paul and do it with high energy. That’s it.

Albums (official and in chronological order);

–Live From the Studio – Out of print

–Antidesestablishmentabolism – Out of print

–Small Steps – Available at shows and select retailers

–A Tiger Dancing – Available at shows/retail/iTunes

–10 Years Strong – Available at shows and select retailers

–Heiruspecs – Available at shows/retail/iTunes


Heiruspecs has toured the US and Canada and rocked stages with all types of people. We’ve bought and totalled tour vans. We’ve crashed on couches and dined at golf resorts.


6 guys

3 cars

thousands of fans

1 love!